Magic the Gathering Origins Fat Pack image-1
Magic the Gathering Origins Fat Pack image-1
Wizards of the Coast

Magic the Gathering Origins Fat Pack

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  • Magic Origins explores what it means to start out on a magical journey, and how we change as we progress through our lives. It focuses on five of Magic\'s most prominent characters (Gideon Jura, Jace Beleren, Liliana Vess, Chandra Nalaar, and Nissa Revane), letting you explore their backstories and transformations as they become Planeswalkers.
  • Contains 9 Origins booster packs, 1 card box
  • 1 players guide, 1 80-card land pack
  • 1 learn to play insertm 1 spindownlife counter
  • 2 deck boxes

Ignite Your Spark Unlock your true potential by seizing control of the ultimate power in the Multiverse with Magic: The Gathering, the worlds\'s premier trading card game. Customize your own Magic deck with potent spells and mighty creatures, then challenge your friends to see who\'s the mightiest Planeswalker. Contents - Players guide with encyclopedia - Magic Origins Card Box - 9 Magic Origins Booster Packs - 80 Card basic land pack - Spindown life counter - 2 Deck Boxes

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